Comparative 3D Routes with more than one track / participant

Date: 19/11/2022 Author: Sicami

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3D - Comparison of the same users at different times 01

3D - Comparison 3 persons on the same route

Route of 2 participants on a very similar route 01


Any route that you upload to Sicami can be viewed animated in 3D.

It's very easy, enter one of the routes you want to compare, and press the 3D button

 Botón 3D

Add more routes to the 3D view. The routes must be in the same zone and have coincident sections.

Configurar vista 3D varios participantes

Ruta Adicional

Once you have added the routes that you want to see, you must select a position through which all the routes pass, and that will be considered the starting point. This is necessary because each route will have been saved on different dates, and although they correspond to a departure at the same time by several users, each user could have a different time configured on their recording device, in this way we can synchronize the times. To do this you must press Play to see where each user passes and search for a matching position.

Sincronziar la posición

Once you have done all of the above you can press the Play button to start watching the animation.


The following video shows how to share a 3D view of a route with whoever we want.





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