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Date: 28/08/2024 Author: Sicami

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  • Corrections in Waypoints editing.


  • The real-time map is prepared to receive more information from Oruxmpas. When you click on the person's icon, we will see values ​​​​such as speed, phone coverage, battery level, etc., as well as a message that that person can write from their mobile phone. . This feature is currently only available in Beta versions of Oruxmaps dated after 06/18/2024.
  • Change in the way of calculating ascending and descending time visible in the Route Analysis.


  • From this moment on, the default real-time map shows the route followed by the people/friends who are sharing their location with us.
  • Correction of various minor errors.


  • In the user profile options "Modify my data", tab "Sport" you can now adjust the power percentage for the estimated cycling times. For the same purpose it is also possible to set a reference speed for each user for walking routes.
  • You can also specify the heart rate zones, so that you can see the new heart rate zone graph in "Detailed activity analysis".
  • Fixed possible error when reversing the direction of routes from the Route Designer.


  • Added the option to see the estimated duration of a route (right now only available for bicycles)


  • Added route map option to search by area name, city, etc.
  • This search option has also been added to the track display screen, accessed by pressing the More button
  • Changes in Catalog display.
  • Internal changes for SEO purposes.


  • From today the waypoints of route indications from Oruxmaps are shown in Sicami.
  • Also a possible problem has been solved, when sending a route to Oruxmaps these waypoints of route indications were not being shown.


  • With the intention of showing a higher quality content, from today, in the screen to see Public Activities and Plans, when you enter, the activities or plans that do not have an image or description will not be shown. To see everything as before you can click on the Search button and uncheck the box we have added for this function.
  • This means that if you want the activities or plans you set as public to be easily viewed by others you will need to add a description or image.
  • In addition to the above, only activities and plans from the user's country will be displayed by default. There is also the option to deactivate this filter in the search screen.
  • Soon we will add the option to enter manually the country of each user from "Modify my Data", right now the country is the one configured in Oruxmaps.
  • Changes in the display screen when entering Sicami from Oruxmaps.


  • Changes in the search screen when accessing from Oruxmaps.
  • There is now a single Route Map, and once inside the screen you can select whether to view all routes or only your own routes.


  • Improvements in the photo gallery of the routes: Possibility to rotate images, swipe with your finger on mobile phones, zoom with two fingers, etc.
  • Small tweaks in route planner.
  • Slight improvements in synchronisation with Oruxmaps.
  • Users who have had a public route published in the last month and a half are shown less advertising. 


  • First approach to allow selection of map type / style in 3D view


  • Correction of minor errors


  • Changes in visual appearance
  • Correction of minor errors



  • From today, Tags are now called Catalogues and have more relevance in Sicami.
  • We now have the possibility to add our own and others' routes to a Catalogue.
  • We have also added the option to show the avatar you have in Oruxmaps in Sicami. In addition to being able to change that avatar from Sicami.
  • There are more changes to the Route Planner.
  • Some minor errors are corrected.


  • Following our philosophy of continuous improvement we have improved the method of ramp detection and the resolution of the calculation curves to obtain better values of our GRSic difficulty index, from today the values may vary slightly as some weight is subtracted from the acmululated fatigue due to the slope overcome.
  • Since yesterday, the plans can be given a planned date of completion.


  • Possibility that when uploading photographs if they have date and time coincident with those of the route that waypoints are added in the GPS position in which it was at the date and time of the photograph. This is only done if the photograph does NOT have GPS position and if it has a correct date and time.


  • At the end of the 3D view playback, the photos that were not displayed during the route are shown.
  • Possibility to change the elevations of the route for those obtained from DEM files.


  • From today when photos are manually uploaded to a route from Sicami, if these photos are georeferenced (have gps position) a waypoint will be created in that route automatically, there is an option (checkbox) so that this is not done, but by default it is active that the waypoint is created


  • The perceived difficulty is shown in the track list and in the track view, which is the difficulty that the user who owns the route has manually selected "Perceived Difficulty".
  • In the 3D view the waypoint pictures are shown framed within the 3D figure of the waypoint.
  • The image also shows the text of the Waypoint name


  • Changes to the list of activities and plans screen, now showing an image with a map and the route. Other aesthetic changes have been made to this screen.
  • When we are viewing an activity or plan, now the description is displayed below the entire screen, this is so that when there are long descriptions can be read more clearly, also by scrolling down, if the description is large enough, the map will be hidden to leave the entire screen to show the description.


  • Changes are made to the 3D animated view of routes to make them more fluid.


  • Translations into more languages are being added, so if you spot any errors and report them to us, we will correct the translation accordingly.
  • Added the possibility to click on a user to see all the public routes that user has.


  • In the search conditions a checkbox is added to show only routes containing a description.
  • In the search conditions a checkbox is added to show only routes containing images.


  • Added to the Statistics section the highlighted routes in the period, with more distance, elevation gain, longer duration, etc.


  • Added weather information for activities, you can see the weather conditions from the start time of the activity to the end time (hour by hour).
  • Added weather information for plans, you can view weather conditions from the current date to the next 10 days, and within each day you can select any time (hour by hour).
  • More variety of kmz / kml files supported for uploading.
  • SICAMI map URL compatible with being able to create a geointent to share position from OruxMaps with SICAMI and see the nearest routes around me without having to search from the web.{lat}&lon={lon}
  • 3D view starts paused, you need to press play to start it.
  • Multiple 3D view, with which you can make comparisons of several routes taken by different people on the same route or by the same person but at different times.
  • Option to massively modifying the properties of the activities or plans has been added.


  • Pantalla de Análisis detallado de la ruta, a esta pantalla se accede desde la pantalla de visualización de cada ruta, se muestra entre otra información un perfil sectoriizado de las pendientes de la ruta, índice de dificultad GRSic de la ruta, información de potencia para deportes sobre ruedas, etc.


    • Initial page of Sicami is again the presentation of Sicami and not the activities, we undo the change that we made in previous versions because it was affecting us in the indexing of search engines such as Google.
    • We added a mini html editor for the descriptions of the activities and plans. This way you can give some formatting to the descriptions and add links to external images.
    • We added the possibility to see, modify and filter by "Difficulty" of the activity / plan.
    • When entering the map in real time and creating a new route, the navigator will request authorization to "focus" the map on the GPS position returned by the navigator.
    • Improvements in search filters.
    • Other minor changes.


    • From now on in the 3D animated view you can change the zoom, position and angle without needing to pause the animation.


    • Now there is the possibility of uploading files and seeing that they only have Waypoints
    • We clarify that in relation to Waypoints we still have a lot to do, for example being able to add a Waypoint from Sicami at a point that is not part of the route.


    • The Activities section becomes the home page of Sicami. Content that was previously on the home page can be viewed in the main menu "About Sicami"
    • The upload of KMZ and KML files is allowed, due to the wide variety of possible formats in the KMZ and KML files, please notify us of any incident.
    • Added the ability to specify the start and end meters for each activity. If it is not specified, the values established in "Modify my Data" will be taken.
    • The image display part of the activities or routes has been retouched.
    • The possibility of being able to see from Google Maps the indications to reach the point of the route that is specified has been added. This is done in the following way: when we are viewing an activity or plan, we click on the Tools button, then, on the menu item that is displayed "How to get there" and immediately afterwards we will click on the point of the route we want See directions on Google Maps.
    • Other minor changes.


    • The automatic download time of Strava activities is uploaded to a check every 30 minutes.
    • Usernames cannot match the names of other users.
    • Some improvement on the 3D map.


    • As of this morning, every 10 minutes, information on the city, province, etc., where the start of said route is located, is added to the routes that did not already have it.
    • This information from the previous point is valid to search for routes with the search engine, now the search is done by two criteria: the routes that are within a 50KM radius of the coordinates that the geolocation service that we use gives to the name of the zone written in the "Zone..." box, in addition to that, all the routes will be searched in which the written text coincides with any of the cities, provinces, etc. assigned as indicated in the previous point. This is done in both cases when you write something in the "Zone (50km Radius)" box.



    • The 3D view is now also available in Plans and in Activities that do not have a timestamp. The reproduction time is susceptible to improvement, which on some routes of not much distance may be excessive.
    • The option in the 3D view to stop the execution of the playback and go to the beginning has been added.
    • A new button has been added to show possible playback options for the route, for now there is only the option to stop the automatic 360º rotation.
    • We reactivate the automatic import from Strava, we remind you that you have a box in Modify My Data



    • The request limits imposed by Strava for the import of tracks mean that for now we are forced to deactivate the "Auto-import tracks from Strava" option. We have verified that the limitation of requests that a priori should be for each user, when requests are made in an automatic process from Sicami add up and the limit is reached too soon, harming even those who do not activate this option and want to import from Strava manually .



    • Added the option to download Strava activities automatically. This option is activated from the user options "Modify my data", there we will have a new box called "Auto-import Strava tracls". When doing this, all the routes that each user has in Strava will be downloaded, be aware that they will have the same privacy that they have in Strava (private, friends or public).
      The process is slow because Strava limits the number of requests every X time, so we make download requests every 10 minutes, this means that for someone who has a lot of activities on Strava it could take even more than a day.
      On the other hand, we may later have to deactivate that option if we have any complaints from Strava, in the event that they consider us their competition.
    • By default, when a route is seen by its owner, it is shown completely, but when it is seen by someone who is not the owner, the first 400m and the final 400m are hidden.
      This has always been the case, now we add the possibility that each user can specify the number of initial and final meters to hide. Later on we will also give the possibility that these initial and final meters can be specified for each route.
    • The hidden parts of the previous point when the route is seen by its owner are shown in gray.
    • In the Map in Real Time we add a new box to the right of each "friend" to show or not the route that person has followed. The position and route followed will be shown only from the last 6 hours.
    • The possibility has been added from the search for activities and plans to search for routes that are within a 50km radius of the written area (towns for example).

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