GRISC index explanation

Date: 26/06/2023 Author: Sicami

In this article we will be adding information regarding our GRSIC route difficulty index.

Subjetivity of a route's difficulty.

The first thing is to indicate that the difficulty index is calculated for an average state of fitness, each person depending on their state of fitness can appreciate that for example a route is easier than indicated if their state of fitness is very good, or the opposite, a route that we classify as average, someone who has a low state of fitness may find it difficult.

Difficulty ratings will be calculated for only three types of routes as detailed below:

  • Walking Routes
  • Cycling Routes
  • Running Routes

Activities or plans that do not belong to any of the above types shall not show a difficulty index.

Tpypes of routes according to its difficulty.

The rankings we offer are as follows:

  Very Easy GRSIC less than 25
  Easy GRSIC between 25 and 50
  Medium GRSIC between 50 and 75
  Hard GRSIC between 75 and 125
  Very Hard GRSIC greater than 125

To calculate the GRSIC difficulty:

For the calculation of the difficulty index we take into account the following data:

  • Distance covered on the route
  • Elevation Gained
  • Elevation Lost
  • Altitude of the route

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