Plans Manual

Date: 19/11/2022 Author: Sicami

A plan is not the same as an activity, activities are outdoor sports or leisure actions that you have already carried out and have recorded using a device or application for navigation and route recording, it may also be that you have downloaded it from Oruxmaps or Strava. On the other hand, a plan is a route that is created or generated using an application for route design, such as Sicami or any other app.


In other words, when a plan is created, it does not correspond to any activity actually carried out, it is created precisely to be used later in a real activity.

The most common is that a plan is created to later upload it to a device or application for navigation and route recording to use it as a route to follow.


The plans will help you plan your future routes correctly, they will allow you to discover the most difficult sections, for example because of their steep slope, you can also see in advance where to plan a rest stop, or to eat.

You can start preparing your plans in this link Plans that will take you to the Plans section.


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