Real Time Map Manual

Date: 19/11/2022 Author: Sicami

Location of travel friends

With the real-time map function you can see the location of your friends on the page at all times Real-time Map.

This function can also be very useful when you go out alone, and you want someone with access to your username and password from the Sicami Tracks website to be able to see your location at all times. In the event of any mishap, someone will know where you are, and if you need help you can receive it much faster.

Sicami Configuration

The first thing would be to add friends, you have to go to "More" then click on "My friends" copy the link to send it to whoever you want to be your friend and have them accept the friend request. The other person can do the same and you accept the friendship.

For each friend, the eye button is used to indicate whether or not your friend can see your position on the Map in Real Time. The uncrossed out eye indicates that he can see it, the crossed out eye that he cannot see it.

Share location with Oruxmaps

For your and your friends' location to be visible on the map in real time, you and your friends must use OruxMaps, and it must be configured correctly to share the location with friends. It is the Oruxmaps application that sends your location and that of your friends. Oruxmaps, in addition to sending the location, will receive information about where your friends are and will show it on the screen.

The following link shows how to configure Oruxmaps to share location:

The procedure of adding friends from Oruxmaps is not necessary if it is configured from Sicami as we have explained previously.

Choose the visibility of each friend

In the side panel of this page you can select which friends to see and which not.


Real Time Map Example


Thinking about your privacy, keep in mind that you will only be able to see the location of people who have accepted you as a friend, and also who have authorized you to see their location.

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