Maps for Oruxmaps and other resources and utilities

Date: 15/03/2024 Author: Sicami

Maps for Oruxmaps

We are going to give some information about where we can get maps for oruxmaps.

We will also indicate where to get DEM files of altitudes to use in Oruxmaps.

And we will let you know some sites that have very useful information related to Oruxmaps, as a reference place we always have to talk about

Mapsforge Offline Maps

for Oruxmaps, maps for oruxmaps offline, to be able to work offline, these are maps that we can use without internet connection, that's why we will have to download them previously / insert them in our android device (phone or tablet). Here are some addresses where you can get them.

Offline Points of Interest for Oruxmaps. Points of interest are geographical locations where you can find something useful or interesting (water fountains, pharmacies, monuments, etc).

Offline Garmin Maps

being offline we can also use them without internet connection and it will also be necessary to load them in our device previously.

The files of these maps must be placed in the Oruxmaps folder called "mapsfiles".

They can be downloaded from and also

If the downloaded file is compressed (zip extension) we will have to decompress it ourselves. 

In tronpoonpo.blogspot you can find a great article with more information about this kind of maps (

You can also find explanations on how to use these maps in oruxmaps in the following link:

Online Maps sources (onlinemapsources.xml)

This is a file that with a little knowledge we can modify ourselves to incorporate many online maps / layers to oruxmaps. We can also find this file already filled in if we do some search on the internet or if we ask for it in a forum related to Oruxmaps.

In this file we can add WMS and WMTS online maps.

Offline maps very wanted (Openandroimaps):

Map of Spain and Portugal

Map of Portugal

Map of Italy (North and South)

Map of France (North and South)

Maps of Morocco:

Websites related to Oruxmaps.

Where to download DEM files of elevations.

This is an article from Tronpo's blog where related topics are explained:

Create offline maps for oruxmaps from an online map from the Oruxmaps itself.

This option gives us the possibility to create an offline map from an online map in order to use it without coverage / data. We can also download only the necessary part of the map to be able to follow a route, this process is very useful if we already have the route, as we will save time and storage space in the download.

Not all maps allow you to do this, for example those of IGN if it is possible.

Convert an image into a map

In this great article Tronpo explains how to do it:

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