Self help for aging cyclists

Date: 24/12/2022 Author: Antonio H.

¿Self-help? If you've gotten this far, you probably don't need it... I have already given more than 50 laps to the Sun 馃槑, although Strava does not have it registered. It is true that, in those days, Strava was not there, nor was it expected. My bones and my hair do keep a record of them, of these, I left many of them along the way and of those who continue with me, most have turned silver. My bones also remind me every morning that they are starting to lack some lube. I never knew which one they brought from the factory, whether it was wax, Teflon, graphene... well, surely not graphene, because in those days something like "graphene" would have sounded more like a lost planet from StarTrek 馃枛 than a material Revolutionary, although it seems that, it was so everyday, that we used it every day at school for our homework.

Lápiz grafeno

Since we are talking about cosmic matters, according to the experts, in each lap I traveled 930 million kilometers and my average speed was, nothing more and nothing less!, than about 107,280 kilometers per hour 馃お. Well, multiply that by "50ysomething" and you will understand that there is no track that supports it...
In any case, bicycles did already exist, almost all of them with two wheels, their pedals, their handlebars... in essence they were like the current ones, although noticeably heavier. We had something in aluminum, but it was not within the reach of all pockets... although in reality it did not matter that much, if the motor was capable of moving them.

Well, it's eight in the morning on a blessed Saturday and here I am putting on my culottes once again while I drink a very hot coffee to wake up my mitochondria, which the other day I found out are in charge of most of the the energy supply of our cells, what things... by the way they look like this and they're spread out inside our cells.


Well, I'm going to take them out for a walk so they don't get stagnant... Ah! I almost forgot the "self-help" part 馃ケ... well... if you've already passed half a century... the most You probably won't need it... well, for now my recipe is for you to pedal for a while and enjoy this fantastic sport... I'm leaving now, I'll keep telling you when I come back...




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