About Sicami

Date: 19/11/2022 Author: Sicami

At Sicami we intend to make easy-to-use tools available to everyone for viewing, managing and modifying routes (tracks).

We know that there are many other applications that already do this, but our intention is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Also little by little, thanks to the routes that our users upload and decide to make them public, we hope to be able to offer an extensive database of routes to do outdoors.

We would like our service to be free, but unfortunately the means to run our website are not free. We try to cover these costs with advertising that will be displayed on our website, we will try to make it not annoying and that it is appropriate for you, even that you get to thank it for finding interesting articles and services.

We want to be with you a great community of lovers of sports and outdoor activities.

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