Manual Activities and Plans

Date: 19/11/2022 Author: Sicami


The activities are outdoor sports or leisure actions that you have already done and have recorded using a route recording device or application, it may also be that you have downloaded it from Strava. 

Activities vs plans

The difference between activities and plans is that activities are generated from a route recording device or application and plans are generated from a route design application.

Summary of the information

Both in the activities and in the plans you will see a summary of the information of the activity or plan, total kilometers, elevation gain, total time, etc.

Coloring route based on a parameter

 See the route colored based on a parameter. You can make the route line color based on one of the selected parameters, altitude, speed, gradient, cadence, heart rate, power (W).

Rate the route

When you view an activity or a plan you can rate it, and depending on the privacy that you have assigned to it, other people will also be able to do so.


You can also Comment on the activities and plans, and as with the score, other people will also be able to do so depending on the privacy indicated for that activity or plan.

Classify activity or plan

For each activity or plan you can indicate the type of activity to which it corresponds, whether it is running, cycling, mountain biking, etc. 

Label activitie

You can label your activities. Create your own labels and add them to the activities to classify them and be able to locate them later. You can assign more than one label to the same activity. Examples of labels would be "With my friends", "Marathon Training", "Highly recommended route", "Don't do it again", and everything that your imagination suggests.

Editing activities and plans

We offer you tools so that you can modify already existing activities and plans and to create new ones . In the article at this link we give you more information on how to do that. Explanatory manual on how to modify Activities and plans

Your privacy is important…

When you make a route or prepare a plan, you can assign it three levels of privacy / visibility:



 Only you can see it



 Can be seen by your friends



Anyone with a Sicami account can see it


In addition, in "My Account" - "Modify my data" you can set a default level of privacy for your new routes and plans

When someone other than you views your activity, for reasons of protecting your privacy, both the beginning and the end of the route will be reduced by 400 meters, so that nobody can know your starting and finishing point, which on many occasions can be your home


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